Monday’s Warm Weather Breaks Record from 1964

Monday’s Warm Weather Breaks Record from 1964

Spring-Like Conditions Set New Highs in Waterloo Region

Record-Breaking Temperatures

Monday’s warm, spring-like weather is record-breaking. Geoff Coulson, a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada, stated that a high of 17 degrees was expected in Waterloo Region.

Surpassing Expectations

As of noon, the region surpassed 12 degrees Celsius, and the temperature continued to rise. By 3 p.m., it reached 21 degrees outside, with a registered humidex.

Breaking Old Records

Coulson mentioned that this beats the old record high for Mar. 4 of 11.7 degrees, set locally in 1964. Environment Canada also predicts a high of 17 degrees on Tuesday, potentially breaking another record.

Unusual Weather Patterns

Coulson highlighted the atypical weather for this time of year, noting that December, January, and February were all notably milder than normal. This trend is continuing into March.

Potential for Wintry Weather

Despite the warm spell, Coulson warned that winter might not be over yet, with the potential for the temperature to drop back to more seasonal levels this month.

Forecast and Outlook

While there could still be bursts of wintry weather, overall, March is expected to be milder than normal. Monday’s overnight low is expected to be around 9 degrees, significantly above seasonal averages.

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