A demonstration involving individuals from Eritrea turned violent in Woolwich, resulting in the arrest of one man.

Kitchener Daily News

A Toronto man was apprehended by Waterloo Regional Police following their intervention in a gathering near Victoria Street North and Shantz Station Road in Woolwich Township on Saturday evening.

Around 7 p.m., law enforcement responded to a demonstration where roughly 100 individuals were protesting against a scheduled event expected to draw around 200 attendees.

According to police, the demonstration involved factions within the Eritrean community. Protesters reportedly retrieved sticks and projectiles from vehicles and confronted the police.

“Protesters obstructed the roadway and threw projectiles at officers. More demonstrators arrived, accessing the area through nearby fields,” stated the release.

Police disclosed that physical altercations erupted between protesters and attendees, resulting in non-life-threatening injuries. However, the exact number of injured individuals remains unconfirmed.

Emergency medical services from the Region of Waterloo attended the scene and administered medical aid to those hurt.

Road closures were enforced for approximately four hours as law enforcement maintained a presence throughout the demonstration to ensure public safety.

A 29-year-old man from Toronto was taken into custody and charged with Assault with a Weapon.

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