A Nostalgic Reunion: Sonny’s Fish and Chips Return for a Day

A Nostalgic Reunion: Sonny's Fish and Chips Return for a Day

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Good Friday, a familiar delight made its triumphant return to Morty’s Pub in Waterloo. Patrons eagerly gathered at this beloved hotspot to savor a taste of nostalgia as Sonny’s Drive-In resurrected its iconic fish and chips for one day only.

The anticipation had been building as Morty’s Pub and Sonny’s joined forces on social media, heralding the long-awaited reunion just in time for the Easter weekend. Former owner Paul Noussis shared the backstory, revealing how the idea came about: “About a month ago, Jay from Morty’s approached me about resurrecting our Good Friday fish and chips.”

For patrons, it was more than just a culinary experience; it was a journey back in time. “When we found out that they were coming here, we just thought, yeah, we need to check that box one final time,” exclaimed one delighted customer to CTV News.

The menu was a nod to simplicity, featuring Sonny’s famous fish and fries accompanied by savory gravy. For those dining in, a selection of beverages added to the festive atmosphere. Jay Taylor, owner of Morty’s Pub, remarked on the overwhelming response: “People are loving it, they’re taking a walk down nostalgia lane and reminiscing about their great times they had at Sonny’s.”

The emotional significance was not lost on Noussis, who reflected on the closure of Sonny’s in 2022 and its subsequent demolition. “It was emotional,” he admitted. “It was inevitable, you know, but this gives us a chance to kind of relive the moment.”

The community spirit was palpable, with proceeds from every piece sold on Friday earmarked for the KW Community Fund. Taylor expressed gratitude, stating, “It gave us the opportunity to raise a little bit of money for the KW Community Fund and give back to the community that has given us so much.”

Looking ahead, Noussis hinted at the possibility of future revivals, buoyed by the overwhelming success of this one-day event. “If I can leave people with that, we still got more Sonny’s to come,” he remarked optimistically.

As the day drew to a close, patrons savored not just the delicious fish and chips but also the camaraderie and memories they shared at Sonny’s. It was a fleeting moment of joy, a taste of the past brought back to life, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the possibility of more Sonny’s delights in the years to come.

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