Doubts about authenticity arise following the sale of a jersey signed by Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at a charity auction.

Kitchener Daily News

The #87 jersey was generously donated to the Linamar Curling for Kids event, supporting the Guelph Wish Fund—a charity dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children facing serious illnesses and injuries in Guelph and Wellington County.

After the Super Bowl, the jersey garnered significant attention, receiving 25 bids and ultimately selling for $21,000 CAD. However, concerns have arisen within the sports memorabilia community regarding the authenticity of the items.

Aaron Logan from The Heritage Stick Company expressed skepticism, particularly after viewing a video showcasing other high-value autographed items donated by the same individual.

In response to the allegations, the donor, Scott Johnston, emphasized the success of the event, which raised over $120,000, and stated that no buyers have voiced complaints. Johnston referred further inquiries to his lawyer.

Despite efforts to verify authenticity, doubts persist. Scott Johnston has also been selling sports memorabilia online, including another signed Travis Kelce jersey, prompting further scrutiny.

Cloutsnchara, a Kitchener-based sports memorabilia specialist, acknowledged the possibility of multiple celebrities signing the same item but noted concerns regarding the jersey’s authenticity, citing irregular stitching and inflated numbers.

The Guelph Wish Fund, although not directly involved in the auction, expressed gratitude for the funds raised but urged individuals to share positive experiences from the event to counter doubts. Jessica Hill, the charity’s interim executive director, emphasized the absence of complaints, suggesting overall satisfaction with the event.

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