It’s not Ping-Pong, it’s 2Pong father and son reinvent traditional table tennis

Papa as well as kid duo Darrick as well as Ben Battaglia have a fresh take on Ping-Pong; and also they wish their hands-on innovation, 2Pong, will appeal to also table tennis traditionalists.

2Pong started as a means to waste time during the pandemic yet has actually currently advanced right into a family company. The Battaglias’ shared love for noise sports motivated the pair to take their concept to the next level.

” My papa and my family were always associated with so many various sorts of sport from volleyball to ice hockey to dancing which included noise sports as well as paddle sports,” Ben told CBC Kitchener-Waterloo.

” We had a Ping-Pong table in the basement for many years as well as it had not been up until the very first COVID lock down in Ontario that we started to place our table to good usage.”

From that, family members table tennis competitions started to take place every night, Ben discussed, which’s when the suggestion to try out different things, instead of making use of the paddle, came up.

” We have emphasis gloves in our basement from karate, we had pinheads … balance boards,” Darrick claimed.
They eventually came down on 2 paddle-like gloves. Rather than gripping a paddle with one hand, 2Pong gamers hit the sphere with both hands.

” We separate ourselves from the basic Ping-Pong paddle, as opposed to rubber at the front of the striking surface, we’re making use of an artificial plastic,” Ben claimed.

” It’s more of a boxing, more of a pushing activity than cutting as well as you’re making use of 2 hands. It’s practically like you’re boxing with a Ping-Pong,” Darrick added.

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The gloves additionally have round chambers so players can rapidly access a sphere during a match. The regulations are a little various too, Ben stated.

” An unique regulation we contributed to differentiate ourselves and also to get that second had more entailed is, each player obtains 2 serves. The first offer need to come from which ever hand they choose, but their second serve must come from the contrary hand,” he stated.

Players also have extra flexibility as well as the ability to expand their arms further in, Darrick stated as well as if the ball strikes the web, “you’re enabled 2 bounces to return it,” he stated.
‘ It’s pretty special for me’
For Ben as well as Darrick, interacting on the business has actually been special.

” My daddy has had two decades plus as a service male and the experience I have actually been able to obtain from him under his wing, simply paying attention as well as gaining from him, is indispensable,” he stated. “It’s quite special for me.”

What he’s been finding out at school has likewise helped him construct the business from scratch, Ben includes.

” It’s rather cool that I can tie in what I have actually been learning in institution in my entertainment and also sporting activity organization program at the University of Waterloo to what we’re doing right here,” he stated.

Ben’s brother or sisters are additionally aiding with the advertising and marketing and also social media sites side of the business.

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Darrick said they are currently checking out getting a worldwide license for their idea.

They’re likewise exploring ways to make 2Pong an obtainable sport by partnering with Easter Seals Ontario, an organization that advocates as well as empowers kids and young people with specials needs.

“We’re attempting to make the video game as available as feasible so every person can play it, so we’re honored to be partnered with Easter Seals,” Ben claimed.

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