Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Waterloo Region

Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Waterloo Region


Environment Canada has announced a severe thunderstorm watch for the Waterloo Region, indicating that the conditions are ripe for the development of severe thunderstorms in the area.

Details of the Watch

The forecast suggests that these storms could emerge Wednesday evening, bringing with them the potential for significant weather phenomena.

Potential Weather Impacts

  • Strong Wind Gusts: Winds could reach speeds of up to 90 km/h.
  • Large Hail: Hail could be as large as toonies, posing a risk to property and personal safety.
  • Heavy Rainfall: The storms may also bring heavy downpours, increasing the risk of flooding and water-related hazards.

Safety Precautions

Residents are urged to exercise caution as the weather system progresses. Staying informed through updates and being prepared to take shelter if necessary can mitigate the risks associated with severe thunderstorms.

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